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Our Vision

We wish to be a small co-operative, sustainable co-housing community. We will share the ethos of home education, living healthily and ecologically and will establish our community based around these three principles. Our aim is to create a respectful and loving environment which will enable children, young people and adults to live in harmony, and honour each other, all beings and the earth. The community will be multi-generational and provide a safe haven from the cradle to the grave. There is no other community of this type focusing on home education. As a group, we have explored other community living options in the South West and concluded that in order to have the combination of vision, values and location we would all prefer, a new community is required.

Our Objectives

What will we do first?

We will purchase a suitable property where we can each realise our aspirations for our children to be home educated in a supportive setting. Our individual family homes will be part of the greater North Devon Cohousing Community village, providing a safe, sustainable and nurturing space within which our children and our wider community will flourish. We will provide spaces for play, games, sport, creative activities, group activities, music making, drama, dance and quiet contemplation and meditation. Our company structure and legal framework ensure that the community is created upon sound principles and that there is clarity for members in all areas. We will develop a five year strategy, annual business plans and budgets. We will create policies, protocols and guidelines, which will address every area that is needed to live together harmoniously in community. We will all have shared responsibility for the safe and healthy continuation of the community and will have agreed individual responsibilities depending upon our strengths and areas of expertise. We will introduce a decision-making process suitable to our community.

The company will be self supporting (in it’s core operation), with the cost of owning and running the property met by members’ capital investments, rent, standing charge, and combinations of these.

We intend to achieve this by the end of 2017.

...in the first two years?

...in the first five years?

Open your eyes and realise that life is a classroom in a school, and you are learning all the time.

Eileen Caddy (1917-2006)
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